LIONSTRACS Industrial Gases Generators 

The most advanced technology in fuel treatment and combustion


LIONSTRACS has been active for more than 20 years in the design and marketing of innovative, Linux-based tools.
Since 2008, LIONSTRACS specializes in the design and manufacturing of Automotive Electronic Controls for HHO Oxygen Hydrogen Control in Automobiles and Trucks.

From the great experience gained in the Automotive Hydrogen industry, Ultra H2 Generators Industrial Plants have been designed
and manufactured for the Cippato Biomass Congenerator Industry.
The Company specializes in designing tailor-made, innovative technologies,  building customized solutions and addressing the customer with the most customized solution.

The company boasts a profound experience in the field of energy-saving technologies on Biomass electric motors  coupled with our Utra H Hydrogen Industrial Generators.



NEW  W-20K Ultra H Hydrogen Generator


Yutube Video of the new W-20K Ultra H Hydrogen generator running with Cummins 420Kw Genset